Portfolio Tracking

Centic allows users to monitor the performance and activities of every blockchain entity in just one portfolio, including Digital Assets, Projects, NFTs and Wallet Addresses. This empowers users to explore more valuable insights into the Crypto Market as well as Web3 Space.

In each entity, you can check overall performance metrics and detailed analytics as follows:


Overview is the first tab in every entity’s Portfolio.

For general Web3 entities like protocols, CEX, Tokens, NFTs, etc. this tab provides an overall view of their current metrics.

For wallet addresses, it shows a detailed view of holdings and DeFi activities in selected wallets across supported protocols and chains, including tracking net worth, digital assets the wallet is possessing, profit and loss history, and how the money is deposited to DeFi Protocols.

Score Detail

This tab presents full details of the factors contributing to wallet’s credit score and Token Health of crypto assets (Currently appear in the profile of Tokens and Wallet Addresses).


Users can navigate to the Activities tab to see complete transaction history related to selected wallets or other Web3 entities on different chains. The data here is connected to blockchain explorers such as Etherscan, Polygonscan etc, to track transactions made by wallets on different chains.


As a data analytics platform, Centic provides insightful analysis of every Web3 entity, and this is shown fully in the Analytics tab. This tab reveals deeper Analysis of the entity’s operational performance and trading activities over time or investment scenarios of wallet addresses.


This is a tool that provides detailed information of each address in Web3 Space about its activities, characteristics and relationship with other entities.

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