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Blockchain transactions are inherently public, which allows any third party to view and investigate them. However, this raw transaction data is unprocessed and anonymous by default, making it increasingly challenging to discover entities within the Web3 space. Moreover, with the existence of over 50 blockchain networks, more than 22,000 projects, and 13,000 digital assets generating millions of transactions daily, this task becomes even more complex. As a result:

  • End Users and Investors often make incorrect investment decisions due to the lack of information about Digital Assets, DApps and the growth process of an Ecosystem.

  • Web3 Organizations experience high-cost and unsustainable growth due to the difficulty in understanding their user base and analyzing user behaviors in both the Web3 and Web2 spaces.

  • Marketing Agencies and Projects face inefficiencies in reaching and engaging with users due to the lack of measurement tools, data and necessary insights to drive marketing campaigns to their targeted customers.

To overcome these problems, Centic integrates on-chain & off-chain information via an Agile Blockchain Data Center to decode Web3 Transactions and provide insights & CDP solutions into Web3 entities.

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