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Welcome to Centic - Center of Data Analytics!
We integrate on-chain and off-chain data via an Agile Blockchain Data Center to build up a data-driven platform for understanding Web3 Entity. With Centic, Web3 Entities are easier to understand and monitor.
Currently, with more than 50 blockchain networks with more than 22k Projects, the ever-evolving Web3 world opens many opportunities but also leads to big challenges for both individuals and Web3 organizations.
  • End users and investors find it hard to understand digital assets, performance, and risks of their positions and DApps.
  • Web3 organizations face obstacles to understanding their users to enhance user experience and growth sustainably.
To solve these problems, we leverage on-chain & off-chain integration to decode Web3 data and provide profound insights into Web3 entities through 3 levels: Portfolio Tracking, User Explorer and Score Marketplace.
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