Currently, there are numerous blockchain networks, each with its own ecosystem. This has led to a diverse and intricate blockchain data landscape. To help users easily understand and evaluate Web3 entities, Centic built up a comprehensive Web3 data infrastructure that analyzes and models both on-chain and off-chain information.

Specifically, along with on-chain data, we utilize insights from off-chain data providers such as CoinGecko, Defillama, and analyze Web3-relevant applications such as social networks, news, etc.

Centic Data level

  • Raw Data These data are collected from provider nodes on each blockchain network. They are broken into multiple collections including Blocks, Transactions, and Events.

  • Insight Data Each application has its own business model and smart contracts logic. With a wide range of applications such as Defi (Dexes, Lending, Yield farming,..) and NFT marketplace, the transactions and events are too complex to understand. Centic goes through DApps and gets insight from them to provide a comprehensive view for users and contribute to Centicโ€™s scoring architectures.

  • Off-chain data Many Web3-relevant applications such as Twitter, Telegram, and digital news are being used by Web3 users. In addition, many other insights from the Web3 analytics application are intuitive and useful. We utilize the advantages of this information to analyze and model the relationship among Web3 entities.

  • Knowledge graph The knowledge graph represents a network of Web3 entities and illustrates the relationship between them. On-chain data about crypto wallets and smart contracts is synthesized from decoded raw data. Off-chain data of objects is collected from various sources and added to each entity on the knowledge graph. The relationships between entities on the knowledge graph are built from on-chain transactions and events as well as off-chain relationships between those entities. In Centicโ€™s knowledge graph, we break data into four entities: 1. Wallets 2. Digital Assets (Tokens, NFTs,โ€ฆ) 3. Smart contracts 4. Projects

  • Centic today At present, Centic has been processing data on 14 leading blockchain networks with numerous transactions and entities of 46K DApps & 340 centralized exchanges. Amongst, 50+ lending protocols are provided with risk management analytics.

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